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Below you will find the latest release notes. We will update this page and its future sub-pages as new Capture Product Versions are released. If you would like to be notified of an update, please sign up and we will email you as soon as new release details are published. 

Capture 3.3.0 [Latest Version]

Release Date: 08/07/2020

User Interface (UI)

  • Manage Test Performance Counters from the UI
  • For certain job types, multiple jobs can now be triggered using the same inputs but different environments in the demo workflow
  • Rows in the job list views now automatically update if a status changes
  • Icon colors in list views now easier to see in the dark theme
  • Multiple automated launch testing videos now playable in the UI in a video wall

Bug Fixes

  • Context menu renders in wrong place on list view when there are many table rows, using some browsers

Capture 3.20

Release Date: 05/15/2020

General Updates

  • MSIX package creation – MSIX packages can now be created via the API or demo UI including automated signing of packages
  • All Guests can now be assigned an optional, dedicated Test User
  • Clients can now get their initial job allocation via an API method meaning that client shares no longer required
  • Default ‘Everyone’ role is now empty but is editable to allow custom (or no) permissions for all users

User Interface (UI)

  • Version number validation changed for any job types which include a package deployment to allow more valid values

Bug Fixes

  • Default graph color on performance data with dark theme was incorrect with many additional performance counters added
  • Password fields removed from models that contained them passwords are not serialized in general models



Release Date: 03/15/2020

General Updates

  • New signal R hub for subscribing to job status updates
  • All type descriptions can now be edited
  • Referential integrity messages improved
  • New dark theme!

Bug Fixes

  • Updating deployment system wipes settings for that deployment system


Release Date: 01/17/2020

User Interface

  • All tables now allow you to select which columns are displayed
  • All columns can now be used as a filter
  • All types moved to dedicated menu

General Updates

  • Certain types can now be “logically deleted” – they are no longer available for use but remain in the database for auditing reasons
  • Licensing now allows more permutations of expiry date, allowed job types, number of allowed jobs, etc.
  • Added Automated Launch (smoke) Testing job type with screen recording evidence
  • WMI Performance measurements, not just the standard 4 (CPU, MEM, Handles, and IOPs)
  • Service Now Integration (APIs available in our Swagger integration and documentation)
  • V3 client now supports AD auth to webservice

Bug Fixes

  • Blank name in deployment system causes deployment system picker to error (sort delegate)

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