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Windows-as-a-Service Means Faster Update Cycles

By the end of 2017, 85% of enterprises will have started their Windows 10 migration process — which means now is the time to think about what happens after the initial rollout is completed. 

Since Microsoft releases new feature updates every six months, large organizations must have a strategic Windows 10 assessment, readiness, and deployment plan, as well as the right tooling in place to streamline and accelerate the process to complete each subsequent rollout within a few months.

However, most IT Project Managers — having lived through the nightmares of huge OS migration projects in the past — are concerned about how they will manage. And rightfully so. 

Effective Windows Servicing Management Through IT Automation

In this 28-page eBook, The  IT Project Manager’s Guide To Automating Your Windows 10 Servicing, David McAllister, COO of Access IT Automation, will:

  • Outline the basics of the new Windows 10 Servicing model, its release schedule, and support timeline for you,
  • Explain Microsoft's ease of deployment marketing message and uncover some potentially dangerous assumptions behind it,
  • Show you how automation could streamline and significantly accelerate your ongoing Windows 10 Servicing management,
  • Walk you through the five most common Windows-as-a-Service Management mistakes so you can avoid them. 

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