Access Symphony: Fewer Tickets. More Stability. Better Employee Technology Experience.

Join us for a our new on-demand webinar as Access IT Automation's CTO, David Halfteck will walk you through the most impactful ways enterprises use our endpoint management automation solution, Access Symphony. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to drastically reduce the number of support tickets through end-user self-service, automation, self-healing (resulting in significant cost savings),
  • How to provide your employees with a best-in-class technology experience (resulting in higher productivity and talent retention),
  • How to natively assign and execute add-ins such as chat, automatic fixes, and others,

and much more.



About the Speakers:

  • Tony Head is an experienced enterprise IT veteran, the founder and CEO of Access PLC as well as the CEO of Access IT Automation. 
  • David Halfteck is the CTO of Access IT Automation and the product owner of Access Symphony.
  • David Butler-McAllister is the COO of Access IT Automation. He is recognized as an industry leader in Application Management and applied automation.

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